Village Exchange Center

Empowering Change

Empowering Community Through Exchange

Celebrating religious and cultural diversity


The Village Exchange Center’s mission is to celebrate religious and cultural diversity by providing a hub for programs, organizations, and services that support integration, engagement, and empowerment while respecting and honoring our immigrant and refugee communities’ unique traditions and values.


Ultimately, we want the East Colfax immigrant and refugee population to feel empowered to use their existing strengths and unique perspectives to enrich the city’s diverse and inclusive community.

Our Impact

As we complete our third year of operations, we are proud to serve our community in a variety of ways and reflect in our successes:

Village Exchange Center Timeline

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

St. Matthew Lutheran Church donates land and buildings to the new Village Exchange Center
VEC hosts the 13th annual Refugee First Thanksgiving in partnership with the African Community Center (based on a newsletter I found in Teams from this year…)
Village Pantry eclipses all expectations for service and capacity, distributing over 450,000 pounds of food in response to the global pandemic
VEC expands services to include Covid vaccinations and grows its Village Farm to produce more healthy food for our families

Can we count on you for support?

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