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Village Pantry

A point of entrée for newcomers from all over the world, the Village Pantry provides fresh and varied foods to supplement families’ weekly groceries. VEC provides healthy and nutritious foods including fresh produce, dairy, and protein items that are part of our beneficiaries’ existing dietary preferences.

The Pantry…

  • Engages 670 families
  • 82 volunteers speaking 21 different languages volunteer each week
  • Partners with 15 organizations to distribute high-quality foods
  • Provides multiple varieties of legumes and beans to beneficiaries
  • Reaches individuals representing 32 countries of origin

Village Farm

Working to reduce food insecurity, the Farm grows organic produce that is culturally relevant to our beneficiaries. The Farm creates a space for youth and adult learning that bridges communities in a welcoming outdoor space.

The Farm…

  • Distributes 50% of its produce to the Village Pantry; the remainder is distributed equally among partner organizations and small businesses
  • Grows 30 varieties of vegetables and herbs in 2021
  • Cultivates 7 distinct types of chiles, representing 4 countries’ cuisines
  • Houses 30,000 honeybees in two new beehives

Natural Helpers

VEC trains leaders from the immigrant and refugee communities to act as community navigators and information resources to their communities.

Natural Helpers…

  • Graduates its 10th cohort in 2021
  • Draws on adults representing three continents
  • Offers 4 unique placement opportunities upon program graduation
  • Reaches adults with degrees from Associate to Doctoral levels

Natural Leaders

Bilingual high school youth who wish to expand their skills and serve as mentors may become Natural Leaders after completing a 12-15-hour training.

Natural Leaders…

  • Speak 5 languages among our spring 2021 cohort: English, Spanish, Oromo, Amharic, and Kinyarwanda
  • Aspire to be a lawyer, mechanic, dental hygienist, pharmacist, chemist, engineer, and artist/writer
  • Host speakers and local officials, including 1 mayor (our own Mayor Mike Coffman)

Village Theater

Village Theater hosts diverse musical and theatrical events that enrich and engage youth and families in a variety of live programs and performances showcasing our diverse skills and cultures.

Natural Theater…

  • Features 200 retractable stadium seats so everyone feels like theirs is the best seat in the house
  • Encourages youth and adults alike to expand their worlds to include others in new ways

Community Cares

Encompasses the totality of Village Exchange Center’s vision, Community Cares bring together people across socio-economic, linguistic, national and faith backgrounds to work towards common objectives and goals.