Amanda Blaurock

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Amanda has expertise in growth, accountability, and turnaround in both the private and public sectors. As a mission-based leader, she is known for innovative risk taking, creative problem solving for complex societal challenges and for fiscal accountability. Amanda has an acute ability to apply legal and management skills to create innovation, public policy, and system change and to test innovations to individual situations for future replication. Through a 20 year journey of representing the United States government, fortune 100 companies and family offices and co-founding and scaling an innovative non-profit, Amanda has developed a unique personal and professional accountability for relationship management resulting in client and philanthropic investments.

For her work during the COVID 19 pandemic, Amanda has been recognized as an Everyday Hero by the City of Aurora, by the Woman’s Foundation of Colorado as one of 9 Shero Woman Who Inspires Today and Every day and by the Salvadorenos Residiendo of Colorado “SARCO” for her dedication and commitment to the El Salvadoran Community.