Stephanos Sifandos

Board Member

Stefanos carries a diverse professional background, having been exposed to high pressure situations through working with elite professional world champion fighters, elite special forces soldiers, professional sporting teams and olympic gold medalist, Stefanos learned a great deal about the limits (or perceived limits of the mind), human potential, leadership, the human condition, recovery and how to deal with intense situations with grace. His experience crosses multiple cultural landscapes and industries; he has been exposed to negotiating with equity stakeholding for and with Indigenous groups with multinational companies, being at the inception for both local and international startups, capital raising and managing multiple stakeholder interests. He has experience in crypto currency, medical cannabis, industrial hemp, renewable fuels, oil & gas, mineral exploration, sustainable farming, eco-tourism, health & wellness, CPG’s, and more. Stefanos’s understanding of negotiation resides in his vast experience in Behavioral Science, Trauma Informed Therapies and Social Neuroscience. Additionally, Stefanos holds a Master Degree in Sustainability (Renewable Energy Technology) and Business Management. Stefanos currently has his own private practice, where he works with couples, individuals, entrepreneurs and C-suite corporate clients. He co-founded a coaching institute with his wife, a men’s wellness movement and consults with startups and publicly traded companies.