Natural Leader is a youth-centered program that engages high school sophomores & juniors in weekly workshops over the course of 2-3 months. Natural Leaders will learn cultural understanding, public speaking skills, preparing and applying for college, leadership training as well as civic engagement. In addition, program graduates will have the chance to earn APS Digital Badges.

This program strengthens the community by integrating youth into a strong, culturally competent peer network that values cultural differences and promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Natural Leaders Requirements:

            1. High school student entering 10th grade or 11th grade.
            2. History of being a youth who helps members of the various immigrant or refugee communities in his or her school/community.
            3. Bilingual, high proficiency in English and native language.
            4. Access to a computer or smartphone with an e-mail address that is checked regularly.

Natural Leader Expectations:

            1. Complete the application process.
            2. Attend a 12-15 hour training program on Fridays.
            3. Participate in volunteer opportunities through the Village Exchange Center.
            4. Provide assistance and mentorship to immigrant or refugee youth in your school and community.